Work in Tanzania

“We came with our family to Tanzania in late 2012. Coming here, after living some of my childhood in Africa, was a dream come true. We are working in a remote village, close to the Serengeti Game Park and Lake Victoria. At present the projects are still in their starting phases. We are helping a new church group build their first chuch building. They are very excited, as are we. Also, in the village of Bulamba, we have assisted in building a little bakery/cafe. The banana cake sold here is a runaway success. The plan is to expand the menu a bit, as the funds to hire more staff grows. This cafe currently gives 2 families a steady income, as well as providing for the church building project.”

This first paragraph is where we were at the beginning of 2014. There have been a few changes since. Due to our remote location and family needs, we had to relocate to Canada. (Our son needed to finish his schooling, and coming to Canada was the only way to get this done at this time.) We are still working with the locals in Tanzania, and the work is just increasing. There have been 4 church building projects that we have been able to assist in. 1 of them was a complete church build, the others were by helping them get a roof on a church that had been sitting without a roof for many years. Another new church plant needed a piece of property so they could build, and we were able to secure them a nice slice of land.

At the end of 2014 we were able to get some paperwork finished, for a non-government organization, so that we would be able to get some financial help in educating women. This is still in its infancy phase, but we have an office and staff now. They are doing research on the costs, and the beneficiaries. The Sara Maxwell bag sales also help us send more money to these people in need.

If there is any part of our work that you would like to assist in, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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