Woman of Today (part 5)

How can we change the system that is part of the very DNA in our culture?

There is only 1 answer.

That is Jesus!

Two thousand years ago He came onto this earth.  He went against the very culture of His day.  He had women as disciples, women spreading the news of the resurrection, women financing the ministry, women being healed from sickness, women being saved from a sure death, and a woman being the first to hear that He was the Messiah that everyone was waiting for.  Some of His parables would even use a woman as a picture of God’s love.  Just read the stories of Jesus in the New Testament and notice how often women are mentioned.

God created men and women in His image.  Genesis 1:27.  How can we celebrate that we are created in His image when we constantly pursue the image the world gives us?  How can we be effective as a witness when all we talk about is how we look and what we have?  We can talk about God being love, but how do we understand that when we hate ourselves?  We will never live up the expectations that we put on ourselves because, in reality, they are just a distraction to keep us from the truth.

I know that this is a subject I talk about every once in awhile.  It might even be monotonous at times.  But the reason I talk about this is because I personally need to hear this message over and over.  Each day the enemy has a new opportunity to bring me down.  I have a skin condition that isn’t pretty to me, and it gets in the way of me loving who I am as a creation of Christ.  We all something that keeps us distracted…whether it is that “last 10 pounds”, the cellulite, the grey hair…whatever it is, it’s just a distraction.  I need to understand, every day, that this obsession with my appearance or that obsession with what I don’t have, are just distractions to keep me from proclaiming the truth.

I am nothing without Jesus.

to be continued…