Woman of Today (part 3)

No wonder we try to get our power through our appearance, because that is the only place we feel like we have any control.  We can “control” men and their appetites when we look like an ageless porn star.  After all, that is what we are conditioned to believe our worth is, and that is how men are conditioned to think about women.  Just watch, use some “new eyes”, and ask yourself a few questions while you are watching a screen, or scanning a magazine.

Questions like…
“Is this woman being celebrated because she is attractive?”
“Is this woman being celebrated because she is free sexually?”
“Is this woman being celebrated because she is overweight, and so she must be funny, because that is the only way she can be noticed?”
“Is this woman being celebrated because she is just like a man?”
“Is this woman being celebrated because she has some awesome skill, for example decorating a house?”
“Is the woman being used as an example of crazy behaviour?  Mentally unstable?”

I think you’ll find that for the most part, women are being portrayed in a way that we don’t even notice.  We can’t be “real” because then there is something wrong.  It isn’t interesting enough to even put on a screen, and why waste precious entertainment dollars showing something real.  Even reality tv is crazy!!  How are these people even real?  Most of the entertainment that comes from that venue are from people who believe the lie that we are only valuable if we are sex objects, mentally unstable, or rich…or a combination of all three!

How is this even entertainment?  Because we are blind by conditioning, and in that we are always in the process of shaving a few pounds, smoothing out our skin, thinning out our legs, propping up our backside, injecting toxins into our bodies or even going under the knife.  The alarming trend I am starting to see is how many professing christians are also in this business of “improvement”.  We are kept busy on our “body projects” so that we cannot be effective in the kingdom of God.  Better to be kept distracted.

Where does it come from?

to be continued…