What Homework?

How many of us actually read Proverbs? I know that I had good intentions. The desire was there. Using the lack of time and privacy as an excuse is nothing more than a cop out. I have no excuse for ignoring God’s word…I have needed it many times over the last few weeks. Why the excuses? Why the apathy?

Proverbs 1:5 “may the wise hear and increase learning, and the one who understands gain direction”

God’s word is full of teaching and wisdom. There is something in there to answer every question, and something for every hurt. We gain wisdom and understanding as we study the Bible. Our relationship to God develops and grows. We can be more effective as a witness and give comfort to the hurting. So many benefits, and yet we slack off. Many roads in life are paved with good intentions. Those are the roads full of holes, detours and mudslides.

We wonder why God doesn’t hear us as we pray…well, do we bother listening to Him when He talks to us any other time? We blame Him for our hurts and disappointments…but we never bothered asking Him for help when we were making the choices. He is constantly talking to us. We just need to open up the Living Word. So many ask why they can’t hear His voice? Who says it has to be audible? Why can’t it be there, ready and waiting…on your shelf or night stand? Most likely dusty, if it can even be found….right?

I’m not trying to give anyone a guilt trip. The beautiful thing in a relationship with Jesus is that it is never too late. We can start now. We can start listening and talking. We can start praising and laughing with Him. Isn’t that what we want? Someone who is there for us 24/7? Someone with ALL the answers…even if we don’t like what we hear at times? He was there at your beginning and will be at your end. What you do in the middle is up to you. He has given you the tools and the free will. We have the road map and the wheel.

The journey of getting to know your Creator…a journey that never ends….isn’t it what you want?

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