Never Stop Wondering
Never Stop Wandering

Wanderlust…”strong longing for or impulse toward wandering”. This is my motto. We live in a world that is fascinating and full of things to experience. Since birth I have traveled. Mostly it was because my parents were missionaries in many places, but I also ended up working as a flight attendant. Travel is addictive. Seeing new places opens the eyes. It puts things into perspective.

The more you see the world, the smaller yours becomes. It becomes more difficult to stay bigoted and intolerant. Meeting, and actually getting to know, people from different cultures can be intoxicating. One starts to realize that human issues are universal and more common than you would think. People, universally, are looking for equality, acceptance, and love. We all want to belong to a unit of some sort. And just because we don’t always see eye to eye about some of the deeper issues, doesn’t mean that we can’t engage in dialogue and find common ground to start new relationships with.

It isn’t easy to find the time and resources to travel. But there are many things we spend money on that have no lasting value. Sometimes it is good to reexamine priorities. Is that latest gadget going to change your life? Is that tenth jacket really going to make you feel better? Is that full Internet, satellite, cell phone package really worth it?

Maybe time and resources truly are limiting. Time to get inventive. Volunteer at the multicultural center in your town. Get to know those refugees that are struggling to fit in…the ones that live just down your street. Start learning a few phrases in a new language. Start saving your pennies….and let yourself dream. The world isn’t going anywhere. You have time…

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  1. Yes, I love travelling, but even here I have found some people with exotic cultures and tastes! Love it!

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