Vanity, at least mine…

“Guidelines for Leadership.” This is the subject I have been studying, reluctantly, for a long time now. Why am I studying this? I have this misguided idea that if I have a degree I will be validated. That what I have to say will be important. It’s all about vanity!!! I tell myself that I am studying because I will be more effective in ministry, but deep down I don’t think that I’m telling myself the truth. What does this say about the condition of my heart and mind? I guess it would mean that “I am made entirely of flaws, but stitched together with good intentions.” (One of my favorite quotes.). How I behave and believe are quite often contradictory.

How much of what we do on a daily basis consists of what we want other people to see? What do other people think of us? But really, do they even watch us? Do they even care? How much time and effort do I put into watching what other people do? What they look like? Very little, actually. If this is an indicator of what is the norm, then what am I worried about? I’ve heard it said that in our 20’s we worry what other people think about us, in our 40’s we stop caring what they think…and in our 60’s we realize they weren’t thinking about us in the first place. We are all self centered…no matter how perfect we look on the outside. (I apologize for generalizing…there are some out there that are doing and saying the right things, all for the right reasons. Please leave me feedback, if you’re one of them.).

What I hope to learn in this journey is how to live with full intention. Doing what God has planned for my life, not what I perceive that others expect from me. He has full authority to guide me and teach me. This is a daily task, this remembering…sometimes even hourly. This is my prayer for you too…that you live out the plan He has for your life…and stop caring what others think. Because they really don’t care…

3 thoughts on “Vanity, at least mine…”

  1. And even if people do care and have an opinion on what we should or should not do, we can’t let that influence us. We need to focus on God, and what He wants us to do. I’m trying to live by Luke 9:22-24 on a daily basis, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.” That goes against everything we are programmed to believe by society.

  2. Long ago in England we could buy matchboxes with quotes on them. One quote helped me so much. “You wouldn’t worry half so much about what people think of you, if you knew how little they do! ” We can ask ourselves how much do we think of them?

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