Today has been a day that I have looked forward to for awhile. Not because I want to leave my African village…but because my favorite thing to do is to travel! The sound of my suitcase zipping up is one of my favorites. Sitting in airports, watching people come and go, is something that I enjoy immensely. Seeing people in all colors and shapes, speaking different languages, wearing different clothing…aaahhhh…bliss!

Travel has been part of my life since I started moving around the world with my parents, I think at the age of 9 months. Never living in one place more than 3 years at a time. It created a restlessness inside of me, one that I didn’t really understand until I hit my thirties. I was never really content, always waiting for a move somewhere better and hopefully more exciting.

I have come to realize that for better or worse, it is now part of my DNA. Zipping up my suitcase this morning gave my such a thrill. Once again, on my way…! However, part of my life now is a deep peace and contentment. The journey that God has taken me on has been so exciting. I don’t look ahead anymore. I am not itching for a better place. I don’t even dare dream about something else…it couldn’t possibly be better than what He has in store for me.

What I hope for you too, is this peace…knowing that you are in His perfect will. Life is exciting AND challenging. God has created a life plan for each of us, and we can know that it is exactly what we would want, if we could only see ahead to the end of days. There are people we meet that we will impact. There are circumstances that we are part of that affect other people’s lives. Knowing that there is a master plan in place takes such a load off my own shoulders. He is good. And life is good.

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