The Golden Pot

A picture came to mind during today’s church service. So many of us sitting in the pews are cracked and broken vessels. Over the years there have been pieces broken off, and splinters that penetrated the porcelain surface. There are cracks and embedded dirt. Most of the pots have temporary glue holding them together, and some have been taped up…just barely holding on. The insides are hollow, and dark.

Jesus wants you to just throw that all onto the floor.

Let it go.

Let all the broken pieces just come apart.

Can you see what then happens?

He comes and picks up the pieces.

Holds them in His hands.

He cries over them, and breathes new life into them…and puts them back together.

It’s a new vessel. There might be a few hairline fractures still visible, but they are not vulnerable anymore.

THEN….He starts pouring the gold!!! All over the pot.

Inside and outside.

Until it just keeps flowing over.

And He doesn’t stop.

Those pots then get put into service. Some as vases for the most beautiful flowers. Others will have gems attached to them. A few will be used to pour water onto the dry and thirsty. There might even be a couple of pots holding food.

Just let go.

Let Him pick up the pieces and cover you in gold.

And be used in His kingdom….

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