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Love and Truth

The other day I was given the gift of music. (These things make us so happy here in the bush!) I chose an album that my son recommended and there were a few songs on there that touched me to the core. One of the songs was, “Loving You With the Truth.” It talks about having the guts to share ones faith with a friend who doesn’t share the same faith.

So many of us believers are afraid, of rejection, humiliation, and maybe even of losing a friend. So we skirt the issues of faith…and we say the generic terms of “praying for you”, and ” I am spiritual.” We definitely don’t want to be compared to those “crazy” holy-rollers that people see on TV, right? Continue reading Love and Truth


We are now driving through the middle of Tanzania. Two days of heat and packed sandy scenery. It’s raw and beautiful. It’s amazing how many people live in such harsh conditions. Survival is the key, no luxury available, and if you’re lucky you can afford a cold coca-cola once in awhile. How many of us could actually survive this heat without fans and air conditioning? It’s amazing what we take for granted…what we are used to, and what we also demand.

Continue reading Heat…