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This word is used a lot…our society seems to admire people that burn themselves out with work and responsibility. Well, these last few months I think that I burned myself out. I trusted myself more than God. I worked 10-12 hours a day trying to get further. Traveling to different towns to meet people and raise awareness and support was a fantastic experience…but it wiped me out in the end. I came home from the last fundraising trip and got sick. Couldn’t function, couldn’t connect to God, and couldn’t come up with a coherent sentence. (hence…no blogs for many weeks) Continue reading Burnout!


There are so many days where I get confused. This last week the plans that I had changed, and seemed to come apart at the seams. There was a sense of peace the entire time, but no solution cropped up. What to do? I believe that everything turns out the way it’s supposed to, but when waiting on an answer…there is a doubt that builds up and trust is hard. It is especially hard when there is a long period of time waiting for an answer. We follow Christ and His commands with all of our heart. Doesn’t He want to reciprocate and make our lives a little easier? Continue reading Trust