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What’s Your Story?

There is nothing like sitting at an airport. People are rushing, sauntering, sitting, sleeping, and arriving or going somewhere on this big planet of ours. I can sit for hours, and often have to, and just watch people. Every color, age, and class seems to be represented.

Each one has a story.

Each one has hopes and dreams. Love. Heartbreak. So many emotions in such a bustling place.

Each one matters to God. Continue reading What’s Your Story?


This next week or so I might not be able to post up anything. With the traveling coming up there is a good chance that I have no Internet available. This same reason is what I have for not posting every day in the last few weeks.

What I want to leave you with is a little homework. 🙂 So many of us don’t read our bible enough. Some not at all. We just read Christian literature, and absorb that, thinking that it is enough. Deep down we know it isn’t nearly enough. Continue reading Homework…


Today has been a day that I have looked forward to for awhile. Not because I want to leave my African village…but because my favorite thing to do is to travel! The sound of my suitcase zipping up is one of my favorites. Sitting in airports, watching people come and go, is something that I enjoy immensely. Seeing people in all colors and shapes, speaking different languages, wearing different clothing…aaahhhh…bliss!

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Never Stop Wondering
Never Stop Wandering

Wanderlust…”strong longing for or impulse toward wandering”. This is my motto. We live in a world that is fascinating and full of things to experience. Since birth I have traveled. Mostly it was because my parents were missionaries in many places, but I also ended up working as a flight attendant. Travel is addictive. Seeing new places opens the eyes. It puts things into perspective.

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