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A New Day!!

This morning was not good. I woke up feeling tired and a little defeated. After weeks of tossing and turning with sore shoulders and neck, my tiredness is getting overwhelming. The enemy has also been messing with my sleep, waking me up in the dead of night, and making my dreams busy and exhausting. The last few days have been full of doubts. Our world is getting so messed up, and I was starting to wonder about the Word of God…”what if” questions popping up constantly. I was ready to “check out” for the day. Nothing sounded better than curling up with some fiction, and a cup of tea. I can read the Word tomorrow. I’m sure Jesus understands?

But, I couldn’t do it. Something inside of me just said, “a few minutes with Jesus is what you need…then check out for the day”. Alrighty then. Let’s get out the devotional and see what I get out of it.

Well…this is what pops up… Continue reading A New Day!!


As mothers we have a constant demand on our time and our emotions. So many of us can’t let ourselves rest and relax. We run ourselves ragged. We live in the world of guilt…why can’t we be better mothers? Why do I act like a child myself? I find myself comparing my mothering skills to others…ones that are “obviously” doing a much better job. I doubt they ever say anything nasty when they’re tired. They must be constantly reading and playing games with their children. Continue reading Motherhood