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Getting There…. (part 9)


It all sounded so overwhelming. I couldn’t really absorb what was going on in my head. It was getting messed up even more. I would walk around the house in circles, forgetting what I was doing. I would find myself forgetting things, and having conversations with myself that made no sense.

I was restless all of the time. I couldn’t focus on anything. Getting a meal on the table was hard enough work. Forget my work with sewing and fundraising for missions.

I started losing sleep. Continue reading Getting There…. (part 9)

The Silent Scream….

Part 1

This last July, just a few months ago, I hit a wall. The rage and confusion was threatening to overwhelm me. I didn’t understand the turbulence in my head, and no matter what I told myself, it wouldn’t go away. It was all consuming.

Did I need to talk to someone?

Was there something inside of me that needed releasing?

How could there be anything wrong? Life was good. I was on a great track. Work in Africa gave meaning to my life, and I felt that there was finally an outlet for my skills. My family was doing quite well. Things seemed…ok…or so I told myself. Continue reading The Silent Scream….