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This is not a test!

These last few weeks have been topsy-turvy. The highs and lows of life as a woman, mother, student, daughter, and Jesus follower. How does one really deal with the emotionality of it all? Sometimes it is just by listening to Skillet at top volume (and dancing), and other days it is gritting my teeth and hoping that I can control the thoughts that continuously race through my mind. Continue reading This is not a test!

Falling in Love…

I have been a christian for over 40 years. In that time I have had the opportunity to serve in ministry, be it as an MK (missionary kid), elders wife, counseling teacher, cook at the church camp or even being a missionary. But it’s only in the last 6 months that I have fallen in love.

Yes, fallen for Jesus.

What happened? How can I be a professing follower of Jesus, and not have loved Him for the entire time? Continue reading Falling in Love…

“Just Rest”

These last few weeks I have been hearing from women…women that are exhausted, angry and burned out. I know what that feels like. It’s a huge burden to bear, and for so many there doesn’t seem to be an answer.

It’s even too tiring to pursue Jesus and His peace. Sitting in church, instead of soaking and absorbing, we watch what others are doing, what they’re wearing, who is sitting with who…and only hear bits and pieces of what is going on. Even then, what we hear doesn’t seem to apply to us and our exhausted minds. When something does hit the spot, we feel a little tingle of hope…and decide to change our patterns and get closer to God and read His word.

We get home and forget everything we learned in just a few short minutes.

Too much happening to even think about getting our spiritual lives into a better place.

What can we do?

What does it mean to sit at the feet of Jesus? Can we even focus for more than 10 seconds without thinking about the “to do” list? Continue reading “Just Rest”

The Willing Heart

There are many days when I have an un-willing heart. I don’t always want to hear God’s voice. I don’t always want to follow His path for me. I don’t always want to live in faith and wait for His guidance. I want to just be…and wallow in my own issues and needs. I want to just live a life without purpose, and just follow my own instincts. It’s easier, isn’t it? To be able to live a life without having to worry about disappointing God, or others. No pressure. No expectations. No striving.

Also no reward….

Good thing that the heart is changing. Continue reading The Willing Heart


I am a stubborn and proud person. I pretend otherwise, and fail miserably at pretending. Because of this trait that I possess, it is hard to surrender to others’ ideas and plans. But the biggest issue that I have is surrendering to God. It is easy to say…”I surrender all”…and easy to say it in conversation, but the reality is totally different. We secretly think we know better than others, and even God at times. And we put our surrender on our terms. After all, it’s our life, we know how to live it ourselves. We know how things work for us!

Continue reading Surrender…