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Reading through Proverbs is something I enjoy doing. King Solomon was the wisest man that lived, and his observations in life still work for today. When he became king, he was overwhelmed with the thought of the responsibilities that came with that status, and asked God for wisdom. Because he asked for wisdom instead of anything else, God rewarded him with an abundance of wisdom, and with everything else a man could desire.

So often I get caught in the trap of thinking that wisdom results in success and money. It is something that I find ingrained into my idea of what success is. Yet, some of the wisest people I have met aren’t successful in the monetary sense…and some really successful people aren’t exactly wise, and that’s easy to see when you read about them in the media. Is wisdom something that is relevant for today? Do we really know what it is? Is it “book smarts” or “street smarts”?

So, what is wisdom? Continue reading Wisdom…


I was eavesdropping on something my husband was listening to the other day. It was a TED talk about education. I perked up my ears, as I have such an interest in education…mostly because I feel the sting of not having one myself. Plus, we have been homeschooling for ten years now, so gleaning any new information is valuable. The speaker was talking about what makes some students succeed and others fail. It apparently has nothing to do with IQ or opportunity. It is all about grit. Tenacity. Determination. This is true for all of us. So many times we compare ourselves to those that seem more fortunate. Be it with IQ, wealth, success…we don’t seem to measure up in our own eyes.

I like knowing that it’s grit that makes a difference. It means I have a chance. Don’t need a higher IQ…that’s good news. It should also give us that good kick in the pants!!! If we have used this “inadequacy” as an excuse for not trying, then now you don’t have one. We can all summon up grit from somewhere. A new determination to go forward. To try something new. Maybe even go back to school. Get that phd while you’re at it. Try that business that you have always dreamed about. Write that book. Don’t give up, or give excuses anymore.

“Grit is sticking with your future – day in, day out, not just for the week, not just for the month, but for years – and working really hard to make that future a reality.” – Angela Duckworth

If you’re interested in hearing it this TED talk, here’s the video.

I don’t know if you watched it, but what stood out for me is the fact that grit is needed for long term success. Nothing happens overnight. We need stamina for the long haul, the failures along with the successes. The talk was primarily about children in schools, but it is valid for me as well. If I can see an end goal, only sheer grit will get me there. Even when I know that the dream is from God. He can’t do the work for me. He can’t take the journey for me. He can show me what He wants, and He promises to be with me…but I have to do the work!