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Falling Leaves

The other day I was having a conversation with someone whom I love dearly. They are tired and worn out. Too much to do, not enough time for rest and meditation. Too many things on their mind, too many choices to make…all of this wipes a person out. I know how it feels, as I have been there so many times. And I’m sure most of you have too.

So many of us live with such high expectations of life. What is it we should be doing at a certain age. What we think we need to accomplish to be acceptable in society, or in our peer group…or in our church. We know that goals are great to have, and are healthy to have as well. They are there to motivate us, to guide us when we don’t see the big picture, and so we need them. But what happens when our goals and dreams overwhelm us? We have been striving, and things start to stagnate or fall apart? Just when we see something happening, we fall down and can’t go any further? And we start to doubt? Continue reading Falling Leaves


All around us right now there is a monster storm. It probably sounds worse than it is…after all, we have a tin roof with no ceiling and screens for windows! It is fantastic to listen to. Can’t talk to anyone, just have to absorb the noise. I don’t do well with storms. I have an unreasonable fear that something bad will happen. I grind my teeth and pray that it will end. Oh, me…of little faith!!! Didn’t Jesus sleep through the big storm? Matthew 8:23-27. Doesn’t He calm the storm? Yes, and He can do the same in other storms as well. Even now…He is in control. I am safe.

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