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The Social Self

I left facebook. I am hoping that this self-inflicted ban lasts forever…but only the Lord knows. Many of you won’t understand why, but I couldn’t take it anymore. I was turning into a person who thought of their life as a facebook status update. It wasn’t that I spent hours trolling the walls of people, but I spent too much time thinking of my next status, and what kind of reaction would I get. If I put up a blog, I would be affected by reader stats, and comments. Not good. I was addicted, and I didn’t like myself anymore.

The ‘inner narcissist’ was a beast I had to feed all too often. Continue reading The Social Self

Deep Roots…

Imagine a tree, deep roots, large thick trunk, and branches growing in many different directions. It has large leaves, and abundant shade. At some point in history that tree was only a seed. That seed got watered, adequate sunlight, and plenty of room to grow. And over the years it grew, thickened, and started to spread. Some of it’s roots started to seep into the underground sewage systems of the houses it grew beside. Basements started flooding, untold damage done to the foundations, and financial burdens start to add up. What looked like an innocent tree has turned into something damaging. The tree has to now come down. Trimming the branches won’t make any difference anymore.

In our society today we have many of these systemic trees growing. They look harmless on the outside. We try to prune the branches, and even try to cut some branches off, but they grow back in another spot. Continue reading Deep Roots…

The Big Picture

“It’s just a movie!”

“It’s just a stupid romance novel, what’s the fuss about?”

“It’s my sex life, and what I do is private, why is it anyone’s business what I read or enjoy?”

“Quit being such a prude!”

These are the comments floating around right now. People are divided, sides are being formed. Are we allowing pornography to infiltrate our everyday lives, and is it really a big deal? Continue reading The Big Picture


This word is used a lot…our society seems to admire people that burn themselves out with work and responsibility. Well, these last few months I think that I burned myself out. I trusted myself more than God. I worked 10-12 hours a day trying to get further. Traveling to different towns to meet people and raise awareness and support was a fantastic experience…but it wiped me out in the end. I came home from the last fundraising trip and got sick. Couldn’t function, couldn’t connect to God, and couldn’t come up with a coherent sentence. (hence…no blogs for many weeks) Continue reading Burnout!


Aging in this society that we live in can be very stressful. We have social ideal that is dictated to us. Even the older models are nipped and tucked and airbrushed to show us what we need to look like at a certain age. They are all a size 0 or 2… A size 4 or 6 is already a large woman. Nasty! Who gave them the right to dictate this to us? How can the ideal woman be something that only .0001% seem to attain? Continue reading Perfection