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Relentless Pursuit

Life can be such a struggle at times. For some the struggle seems constant. There are seasons of pain and seasons of growth. There are seasons where life seems effortless. Right now I am going through some season…don’t know what it is, but I am tired. I am trying to hard to fit into a mold that I think I should be fitting into, and it is not working out very well. Through this whole time I feel the desire to pursue truth and deepen my relationship with Jesus. Continue reading Relentless Pursuit


Facebook is full of people (my friends) eagerly watching for spring. I guess it’s late this year and many are fed up with the wait…as well as flabbergasted by all the snow. I can’t help but think how this reflects on how life also works. We spend so many of the seasons we live in waiting for the next one. If there is too much heat or cold or rain…it’s somehow always wished away while we wait for the rain, cold or heat. I spent many years doing this. I was too cold or too hot and always waiting for something better. What a waste of time that ended up being. Continue reading Seasons