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For many of us “eternity” is just the name of a perfume…and not really the concept of a life unending. It’s easier to also focus on the here and now, there is so much going on, and life can be an all-consuming struggle day after day. Who has time to think about life after death? And is there really life after death? Isn’t that something used to “scare people out of hell” and into some form of religious life? Continue reading Eternity

Divine Nobodies

This title is from one of my favorite books. I have read it a few times, and I would recommend it to anyone. It’s written by Jim Palmer, a pastor who goes through a crisis and embarks on a journey. Through the book he writes about the people he meets along the road…people who make him believe in Jesus again. The beautiful thing is that these people are not other preachers or Christians…they are just ordinary people living with faith, and in the most ordinary of settings. What grabs me when I read this is…how do we live our regular lives in a way that reflects the love of Jesus? Continue reading Divine Nobodies