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Friends for a Reason

Relationships! Friendships!! Finding someone somewhere who “gets you”…can become a journey fraught with pain, insecurity, giddiness, and it can be an all-consuming quest.

I have had, and continue to have some really meaningful friendships in my life. There are some that go back 30 years or more, and some that are fairly new. Some have come and gone, being there for a season, and some are there because they need something from me, and the relationship we have. Each relationship is different, because the dynamic of the two involved is always unique. No two people are alike, and so no friendship is the same.

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A Better Place (Part 1)

Do you ever have a visitor, that when they leave, you wish that they had stayed a little longer, and you still had a smile on your face when they waved goodbye? They left your home and heart a better place? You were encouraged and grateful that they had come by, and that they were able to spend some time in your home?

Is that how you leave a place? Are there smiles on the faces of the hosts, and not just because you are finally leaving…but genuine smiles of joy, and wishes for your return? Continue reading A Better Place (Part 1)

G.I. Joe

When I was about 8 years old I received my first and only barbie doll. She was beautiful, with creamy skin and short curly hair. Hours were spent styling her and I made her so many clothes and earrings. She was a very lucky doll. Then at about 10 years old I started nagging my mother for a man doll. Barbie was lonely and I figured that she should have a husband. I wanted a G.I. Joe for her. He was very masculine and had many moving parts. They would look very good together. But instead of Joe, we ended up with an $8 Ken doll. He was not very good at anything. He was too pretty, and couldn’t bend his arms or legs properly…quite a disappointment. (They ended up being part of a rock group…but that is another story.) Continue reading G.I. Joe


Often relationships become lopsided. One needs and expects more than the other, or one is more demanding and eventually the other becomes drained of energy. It is said that relationships are 50/50…but it really should more like 100/100. There aren’t really any other options, but often the numbers are uneven, and one inevitably gives more than the other. Unless it’s acknowledged and worked on, there is one who eventually feels used and tired. There can even be a breakup down the road.

Which side of a relationship are you on? Do you give or take? Does it feel fair?

Do you depend on another person to get you through the day? What happens when that person fails or disappoints you? And what do you do if they aren’t available every time you need them? Do you feel it’s their fault? Is it easy to assign blame on someone else when our needs aren’t met? Continue reading Dependence

Secrets and Lies

There are many of us that had or have secrets that we want to keep hiding. From others and ourselves. We cover them up with lies and denial. We suffer the consequences…and usually those consequences are in our closest relationships. Getting close to God is almost impossible. We hide alcoholism, sexual perversion, sinful behavior and thought patterns, witchcraft….there are so many. You know what I mean. And you know what it is in your life. These secrets cause us to have issues with trust, love and honest communication. We hide behind the “normal” and lie to ourselves in the dark. Most won’t even admit it to ourselves. It makes us feel bad, and we don’t like that.

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