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Last Week’s Blessing

I spent a lot of time wandering around my house yesterday. At home, alone, and restless. Watching Netflix seemed like a good option. Why do housework, as it never ends, and I don’t enjoy it anyways. Thoughts were disjointed…and I could feel myself sinking into a funk. Maybe a nap would help? No…

What was different about yesterday if I compare it to last week? On the surface, nothing is really different. Life is good. The future seems bright enough. I have faith…and it seems intact. Then why are my thoughts so far removed from Jesus? Continue reading Last Week’s Blessing

Presents vs Presence

I have had a bit of an addiction for those occasions that warrant the giving of gifts. There were years when I spent over my “budget” to buy the “perfect” gift for someone. My own lists were long, and I confess that I spent a lot of time obsessing if I would get what was on those lists. If I didn’t, I would take up a lot of time feeling sorry for myself, and feeling resentful toward those that hadn’t lived up to my expectations. Needless to say, Christmas and birthdays weren’t really a joyful time. I can’t say that I really spent much time thinking about the true meaning of what was being celebrated. It was all about things…what I could give, and what I could get. Continue reading Presents vs Presence