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We are inundated with speeches and articles, encouraging us to find our purpose in life. Our destiny. There are countless books, and daily devotionals…the self-help section at the bookstore is quite large. It’s amazing how many of these books make it into the bestseller lists. I love reading them myself. I try the “steps”, and last a few days before something derails me, and then I forget what I was doing. Awhile later I will find the book on my shelf, and have a hard time remembering what it was that I learned…and did it actually do me any good? Continue reading Purpose?

God Calling…

Is there a part of you that feels unfulfilled? Does your spirit feel like it is suppressing something that could bring you more peace and fulfillment? Does it feel like something that would require sacrifice…and in being so, you ignore it? After all, life is about accomplishment, not sacrifice, right?

The other morning we were having a conversation with our youngest, a 13 year old, and he is getting to that point where he is getting a little belligerent. We were discussing his school routine, we homeschool, and he always has a great excuse for his procrastination. The observation was that he listens, but doesn’t obey. There is a distinct difference between the words listen and obey. One can be really good at listening, but if that doesn’t translate to any action or understanding, it really is a waste of someone else’s breath. Continue reading God Calling…


I must confess that I fill a lot of time with fluff. I have the link to people magazine on my iPad, and check it daily, sometimes twice. I try to hide it when my family walks by…haha…I think they know. I won’t ask. Better to live with this delusion. I know way too many useless facts about celebrities, but I tend not to say much…unless I find another kindred spirit who has this same pastime. Now all of you know. Needed to get this off my chest.

Continue reading Fluff


Are you living the life you imagined you would? When you were younger and your ideas of life were new, I’m sure they was a glimmer in your imagination about how it would all go. You could see a life of vivid color and amazing adventure. The people were full of love and there was no pain. And this was a time when you could still see a career that fulfilled all your financial needs. Is this how it turned out? Does it bring you down or give you hope for a better future? Have you given up?

There are days when I give up! Nothing goes well. My life has no meaning on those days. Usually I just go to bed early, hoping for a better day the next day. Sometimes I have to go to bed early for more than a few days in a row. My imagination is dead. I have no hope. What are we without our imagination? We are without hope. Continue reading Imagination

Square Footage

Are you just as happy in 600 square feet as you are in 6000 square feet? Driving a old Chevy vs a new BMW? Can someone be happy with less with this constant bombardment of advertising, and the constant comparisons between friends, coworkers and families. It’s tiring and disheartening at times. If you’re successful, you can feel the daggers of envy in your back…if you’re not “successful”, you feel this pressure to accomplish something!!! It doesn’t matter if you hear people saying that “in Africa everyone lives in a mud hut with no water or power”…really? How does that help you in the rat race? It might make you feel guilty, but it doesn’t really make a difference. Continue reading Square Footage


Do you believe we are on earth for a specific purpose? Can we find what it is, or does it evolve as we live? Can we miss it altogether? What if you were put on earth just to make a difference in the life of one person? Would that be enough? Should it be enough? There is a quote that has stayed in my mind…”Every person you meet, every single one, is looking for their story. There are no exceptions. You become part of that story by how you treat them.” That’s actually a responsibility given to us by God. What if our purpose was to be part of a person’s story and we walk by them because we are off to do “more important things”. Continue reading Destiny…