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Her Name is Wisdom

Wisdom is underrated. We need it to navigate life’s path, and the choices we make can be enhanced when made with even an ounce of it. This last week, I have not been using my wisdom very well. I have let emotion get in the way of choices that I have made, and now need an extra input of wisdom to clear things up. I have been asking/begging God to help me with this…and not to let emotion and “hormones” take over! It’s time to ask for advice…and get on my knees! 🙂 It’s not too late yet. Continue reading Her Name is Wisdom

What Homework?

How many of us actually read Proverbs? I know that I had good intentions. The desire was there. Using the lack of time and privacy as an excuse is nothing more than a cop out. I have no excuse for ignoring God’s word…I have needed it many times over the last few weeks. Why the excuses? Why the apathy?

Proverbs 1:5 “may the wise hear and increase learning, and the one who understands gain direction” Continue reading What Homework?


This next week or so I might not be able to post up anything. With the traveling coming up there is a good chance that I have no Internet available. This same reason is what I have for not posting every day in the last few weeks.

What I want to leave you with is a little homework. 🙂 So many of us don’t read our bible enough. Some not at all. We just read Christian literature, and absorb that, thinking that it is enough. Deep down we know it isn’t nearly enough. Continue reading Homework…