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It’s become crazy, this world of ours. People in our society are threatening death to a big game hunter, and in the same day will engage in watching people getting strangled and tortured on the internet…just because violence against women and children in porn is “acceptable”, and it can be done in private. And now abortion is just a pill away…

I was having an enlightening discussion about this with a dear friend of mine this morning. She and I were analyzing this outrage against the death of a lion vs the relative quiet about baby parts being sold to big research companies. We came to the early conclusion that it is easier to be angry about something that isn’t as personal to our own psyche. That lion, and the violence against it don’t really affect us. But violence against the unborn, or innocent children…ouch, can’t go there. Better not think about it. Too many of us have been touched by it, and we don’t know what to do about it. Continue reading Projection