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Have you ever had a conversation with someone, listened, and thought to yourself, “I don’t understand why they are telling me this, my life is much worse than that”…and then go on to tell them your problems. They might look a little surprised that you didn’t hear a word they said, and they nod politely as they listen to you one-up them in the horror story department. Continue reading One-Upmanship

Pride and Prejudice

At yesterday’s bible study we were talking about pride and selfishness. (I must admit that I made a few remarks that weren’t so spiritual…more psychological…but even then it was a good lesson for me.) We are quick to brush off what we call “normal human emotion” is inconsequential, when it clearly states in the Bible that they are wrong. God find them an abomination. (Proverbs 16:5). A really strong word, wouldn’t you say?? Pride is a trap that we struggle with a lot. And quite a few things come into this category. We easily fall into self-righteousness, especially if we are more educated than most, or if we are in church leadership. We fight about our doctrine…after all, what we believe is right!! “Others don’t really know what they are talking about!” We are proud of our achievements, without acknowledging that what talents we have are a gift from God, our Creator. Have an independent spirit doesn’t seem like it could be wrong, but in this instance it comes down to two things…resistance to authority and having an unteachable attitude. Proverbs 5:1 “My child, be attentive to my wisdom, and to my understanding incline your ear.” It is always important to have a humble spirit and an open mind so we can learn from the Word and from others.

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