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One of “those weeks”

It’s been one of those weeks. They are unavoidable, and they have a way of bringing ones attitude into the dumps. The electricity has been off 75% of the time…causing the food to go bad, the water isn’t running, the temperatures are hovering at 35 Celsius every day…and the dust is flying, my rosacea is acting up and I look like a smallpox patient, I burned the food this morning and I ran out of milk for my tea! My self-pity levels are pretty high! hahaaa!!!

I did wallow in this funk for a little. “Suffering for Jesus” is supposed to look a little different, isn’t it? This all just makes me look like a whiner, not a martyr…and I want Jesus to see that I am sacrificing and living a life for Him. Obviously I can’t be useful in His kingdom when I am preoccupied with all these menial issues.

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Do you like to receive praise? How does it make you feel? Do you think you receive enough of it? Do we live in a society where praise is usually self serving? How often do you give praise? To others? To God? Is it needed for society to function? There is a lot of insincerity in our society, a lot of meaningless drivel disguised as praise. Can we tell the difference anymore?

I have a suspicious nature…not a good thing when it comes to praise. I get uncomfortable when I hear it, and then I wonder what the other person wants. This also makes me reluctant to give praise, not because I want something from them…but because I don’t want them to think I do!! Something I need to work on. There is probably some deep underlying psychological issue here, but I don’t want to think about it right now. :).

Praising God is getting easier and easier as I age. Life is simpler. I can see the beauty around me more, and I am learning to appreciate the small things. This same principle should work for me when it comes to other people as well. Learning how to open my mouth and give a genuine compliment or thanks is a task I still see ahead of me. Something I want to learn. Something I need to learn. There are so many people around us who don’t ever hear a kind word…can’t it come from us? I think so. Let’s learn to give praise and never expect to hear it in return. Let’s get rid of all ulterior motives. Admit it, we have them…I know I do.

Fill your days with music that gives praise to God. Sing along and listen to the words. Read the Psalms. Meditate on the words of David. He gave thanks, even when he was in pain and didn’t want to. I give you thanks with my whole heart; before the gods I sing your praise. I bow down toward your holy temple and give thanks to your name, because of your loyal love and faithfulness, for you have magnified your word according to all your name. When I called and you answered me, you emboldened me in my soul with strength. Psalm 138:1-3