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Seeing fireflies in the evenings makes me believe in magic! There is so much of it in God’s creation. When you stop to think of the firefly and how it lights up the night and makes us smile…actually even thinking about them makes me smile. 🙂 Why did God create the firefly? Or the hummingbird? Or the butterfly? The list is endless…there are magical little creations all around us. They make me wonder how someone can’t believe in a God, or even if they do…can’t they see He is the infinite artist and has a fantastic sense of humor? I believe there are things in this world created just to make us smile.

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There are so many days where I get confused. This last week the plans that I had changed, and seemed to come apart at the seams. There was a sense of peace the entire time, but no solution cropped up. What to do? I believe that everything turns out the way it’s supposed to, but when waiting on an answer…there is a doubt that builds up and trust is hard. It is especially hard when there is a long period of time waiting for an answer. We follow Christ and His commands with all of our heart. Doesn’t He want to reciprocate and make our lives a little easier? Continue reading Trust


Today has been a day that I have looked forward to for awhile. Not because I want to leave my African village…but because my favorite thing to do is to travel! The sound of my suitcase zipping up is one of my favorites. Sitting in airports, watching people come and go, is something that I enjoy immensely. Seeing people in all colors and shapes, speaking different languages, wearing different clothing…aaahhhh…bliss!

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There is an old Sunday school song that goes through my head whenever I start to really worry…

“Why worry when you can pray?
Trust Jesus, He’ll with you stay.
Don’t be a doubting Thomas,
Rest fully on His promise.
Why worry, worry, worry, worry,
When you can pray!!”

It’s a spontaneous jingle…and it’s true! I catch myself worrying every once in awhile, who doesn’t?? There are times that the worry almost turns into panic. And that is when this song pops into my head. It must be my subconscious reminding me that I have an option. No matter what the worry, I can pray about it. I might not necessarily get an answer right away…but I can let it go. Or sometimes the answer isn’t what we want to hear, but that also is a comfort. It gives guidance to the path we are on. Maybe the fork didn’t go in the direction we wanted, but that doesn’t mean it won’t lead us in His perfect will.

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