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Love vs Truth?

People so often distrust christianity and through that, christians, because of the judgement they grew up with. And it’s true, I also grew up feeling the judgement, and the fear of being “left behind”. Any sin that one was caught in was something that drove a wedge between God and man. There was no grace. There was little love. So society took over, and labeled us as “intolerant”. Many of my friends left the faith because they couldn’t handle the pressure of being “a good christian”.

So, those of us who stayed in the pews, many of us numb and disillusioned, were there out of tradition and guilt. We read our bibles, taught Sunday school, and tried our best to not preach intolerance. We wanted to preach love and acceptance, because that is what we wanted so badly ourselves. A few revivals swept through and infused us with fresh hope, but it didn’t seem to make much of an affect in the society around us. Continue reading Love vs Truth?

Pretty Prose? Not me!

After quite a bit of questioning and self reflection, I have realized that the way I communicate seems to be quite different from other women that blog. They have soft/flowery pictures and words of love and encouragement. The bible verses are uplifting, and help others get through another day. My blogs tend to be rants, especially lately, and can make people squirm. Heck, I squirm when I write them.

Why can’t I be like those other women?

Why don’t I respond to pretty prose? Continue reading Pretty Prose? Not me!