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G.I. Joe

When I was about 8 years old I received my first and only barbie doll. She was beautiful, with creamy skin and short curly hair. Hours were spent styling her and I made her so many clothes and earrings. She was a very lucky doll. Then at about 10 years old I started nagging my mother for a man doll. Barbie was lonely and I figured that she should have a husband. I wanted a G.I. Joe for her. He was very masculine and had many moving parts. They would look very good together. But instead of Joe, we ended up with an $8 Ken doll. He was not very good at anything. He was too pretty, and couldn’t bend his arms or legs properly…quite a disappointment. (They ended up being part of a rock group…but that is another story.) Continue reading G.I. Joe


There are days that I am absolutely blank. These are the days that I just function and try to control my thoughts and emotions…these are the days filled with PMS! They don’t work out very well, unless you count a cleaning frenzy useful. I find myself snapping at my kids, planning my husbands demise and generally being angry at the world. Why are we created like this? Is there any good that can come from this female condition??