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Falling in Love…

I have been a christian for over 40 years. In that time I have had the opportunity to serve in ministry, be it as an MK (missionary kid), elders wife, counseling teacher, cook at the church camp or even being a missionary. But it’s only in the last 6 months that I have fallen in love.

Yes, fallen for Jesus.

What happened? How can I be a professing follower of Jesus, and not have loved Him for the entire time? Continue reading Falling in Love…

Love vs Truth?

People so often distrust christianity and through that, christians, because of the judgement they grew up with. And it’s true, I also grew up feeling the judgement, and the fear of being “left behind”. Any sin that one was caught in was something that drove a wedge between God and man. There was no grace. There was little love. So society took over, and labeled us as “intolerant”. Many of my friends left the faith because they couldn’t handle the pressure of being “a good christian”.

So, those of us who stayed in the pews, many of us numb and disillusioned, were there out of tradition and guilt. We read our bibles, taught Sunday school, and tried our best to not preach intolerance. We wanted to preach love and acceptance, because that is what we wanted so badly ourselves. A few revivals swept through and infused us with fresh hope, but it didn’t seem to make much of an affect in the society around us. Continue reading Love vs Truth?

How is Love Abusive?

How is Love Abusive?


Love is NEVER abusive.

Yet coming out, to a theater near you this valentines day, is an expected blockbuster…glorifying abuse, and calling it love!

I remember the weeks before the book came out, and at the bookstore there was a big buildup going on. This book was supposed to be the “it” book of the year! We, as the employees, were supposed to know what the book was about, and be ready for the throngs of women that wanted to buy it. Of course I was curious, how was a romance novel going to be such a big hit? Most women have a certain genre they stick to, and that’s it.

Well, this book had nothing to do with romance. It was under the category of erotica, but sold as a romance, just to make it more palatable for the masses. Continue reading How is Love Abusive?

“Bling Bling” from Jesus

“You are a magpie,” my cousin said one day, as we were walking through the downtown flea markets in Helsinki. “They gravitate to sparkly things, and so do you.”

What can I say, it’s true. If it sparkles, I am mesmerized. I even became a rep for a sterling silver company just so I could get bling for a good price, and drool over catalogues. I tried to get my hands on as many pieces as I could, but the pricier ones still were unattainable. Oh well, maybe someday.

As we were getting ready to move to Tanzania I felt that I needed to sell all of my silver jewelry. I knew that it would sell well, and the money that it brought would cover the cost of a plane ticket or two. It wasn’t a sacrifice, after all this was a new adventure, following our call was exciting. Plus, having bling in Africa would just make me a target of thieves.

So, it all went, with maybe a few pieces remaining. It was all good. It was just frivolous jewelry, right? Continue reading “Bling Bling” from Jesus

Love Revolution

“Have you had your hug today?”

This was a question I heard for years, when I used to go to work as a flight attendant. I looked forward to seeing this co-worker. I didn’t get hugs in my daily life, and craved contact with another human being. Those hugs were like therapy. I could feel my body relax and fill with new strength.

It’s so sad that the world has changed so much since those days. We can’t touch anyone without worrying about being charged with some form of harassment. There are countless people walking around us, with no non-sexual contact with another person. Love starved and lonely in a sea of people. This isn’t how we are meant to live. Continue reading Love Revolution

Love and Truth

The other day I was given the gift of music. (These things make us so happy here in the bush!) I chose an album that my son recommended and there were a few songs on there that touched me to the core. One of the songs was, “Loving You With the Truth.” It talks about having the guts to share ones faith with a friend who doesn’t share the same faith.

So many of us believers are afraid, of rejection, humiliation, and maybe even of losing a friend. So we skirt the issues of faith…and we say the generic terms of “praying for you”, and ” I am spiritual.” We definitely don’t want to be compared to those “crazy” holy-rollers that people see on TV, right? Continue reading Love and Truth