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God Calling…

Is there a part of you that feels unfulfilled? Does your spirit feel like it is suppressing something that could bring you more peace and fulfillment? Does it feel like something that would require sacrifice…and in being so, you ignore it? After all, life is about accomplishment, not sacrifice, right?

The other morning we were having a conversation with our youngest, a 13 year old, and he is getting to that point where he is getting a little belligerent. We were discussing his school routine, we homeschool, and he always has a great excuse for his procrastination. The observation was that he listens, but doesn’t obey. There is a distinct difference between the words listen and obey. One can be really good at listening, but if that doesn’t translate to any action or understanding, it really is a waste of someone else’s breath. Continue reading God Calling…

Listen Up!

Have you noticed that we spend so much time thinking of ourselves, that we hardly hear a word that anyone else is saying? As a society we are so inwardly focused that life speeds by with out noticing what is happening in other lives. I think it telling when I read the comments under status reports on Facebook. Sometimes half of the comments have nothing to do with what is being talked about, it’s about the writer them self. Instead of sending words or support, they write about their own problems and triumphs. Why? Can’t they see that it isn’t about them? Continue reading Listen Up!


I lay in bed thinking about life and the people we meet. A little time of self expression as well. How do I come across? Am I friendly, approachable? I have recently met some people who spend most of the conversation we are having not giving me any eye contact and I don’t think they are actually listening to a single word I say. After thinking about how I am around people, I realized that I am the same. How annoying! I barely listen and eye contact is difficult. I spend a lot of time daydreaming instead and watching their expressions as they speak. Is there a way to change this? Continue reading Listening!