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Visions of JOY!!!

“Now close your eyes, picture yourself walking along the shores of Lake Galilee. Imagine Jesus walking beside you, see the lake, hear the waves wash along the shore, and ask Jesus that question you want the answer to.” (this is all a bit paraphrased, as I don’t remember the exact wording…but I think you can get the picture)

Hmmm. What question did I have for Jesus? And why didn’t I feel like taking this very seriously? I was a bit skeptical, but then that isn’t a new reaction for me.

Okay, I will close my eyes.

Focus on the lake.

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Surrender=Healing (part 10)

One of the hardest things to do is to surrender. I have fought it all my life. I want things on my terms, with my conditions. I don’t know if all are the same, but many are. We can surrender certain things, at certain times…but letting it all go without any knowledge of where the journey takes you takes a huge leap of faith.

I was ready for that leap.

After being angry and confused most of my life, let’s try it God’s way for once.

This might sound weird to some of you, after all I was in full time mission work. It looked like my life was given in serving Jesus. But, deep down I knew that I hadn’t given it all. I still held on to childhood hurts, and bitterness. And I knew my faith didn’t quite reach all the way to believing with my “whole heart”.

I had an image to maintain….and had maintained that image to the best of my ability. The good christian. The one with answers. The one who knew God’s word. The one who was willing to live/serve anywhere that God asked to.

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Beauty Secrets

Have you ever noticed that when you feel beautiful, your entire personality changes, and you see other people respond? It is a cycle. A nice one. Then, on a different day…one isn’t feeling so beautiful and it’s easy to see that other’s don’t respond either. Beauty and confidence, quite often, go hand in hand. People respond to a confident and positive person in a good way. A sour face and negative personality also elicit a response from people…and it’s not one that one should strive for. Continue reading Beauty Secrets


There is a form of therapy that is becoming mainstream. It’s called laughter therapy. People stand in a room and laugh…that’s it. It starts out as fake laughter, but soon turns into genuine, belly hurting, screams of mirth. Tears and happiness ensue. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? I know, it obviously sounds a little out there, and yes, it’s from India…invented by a yogi. So, I am obviously not telling you to run to your nearest yoga center to find laughter therapy sessions…but I am telling you that laughing on a frequent basis is something that make a huge difference in your life. There are many studies out there, and they seem to come to the same conclusions. If you need a reason, here are a few…

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