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Too Much Information

Another catalogue came in the mail yesterday. Pages and pages of christian books and Bibles to buy. So many options!! DVD series! Knick knacks to put on our shelves!! Bible covers! Shofars! An evangecube??? What? Books on dying churches, evangelism, becoming a better person/christian, the end times…etc…!! And at least 20+ pages of Bibles, in every colour and version. Good to have lots of options, right?

We live in this world of too much information. As christians we get sucked into this trap of thinking, “if only I could read one more book, attend one more conference, have one more encounter with the Holy Spirit, then…maybe…I will be ready to share the gospel.” We have the books and the programs, the tv and radio shows, the podcasts…you get the idea!

How can we share anything, when we don’t have all the information we need? Life is so hard!! We might say the wrong thing! Continue reading Too Much Information