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A New Beginning

Over the last few weeks I have been sharing my personal journey through therapy, mixed with tidbits from my past. It has been cathartic. Through it all I have heard from so many people, some who think that it was brave (and maybe a bit too much?) and from some who needed to hear someone else’s journey to get hope for their own. Either way, it was something I felt compelled to write. I had the blessing of my parents, and my immediate family…but I tried not to mention their part in this, and as much as I could, I kept them out of it.

And that is because this journey was between God and me. It was about finding Him again, or maybe even for the first time. He is the ultimate healer. He is the one who gave me hope and strength as I started to unravel. He was there all along, and I just needed to see that. Continue reading A New Beginning

Trying to Walk (part 6)

Holding this prescription in my hands was so exciting for me!!! Validation at last! I am a mess! (hahaa) I now have a reason for all of the crazy thoughts and anger and for wanting it all to end. Relief was in sight….

I held on to that paper for a bit. All of a sudden it was true. I did need help. How did I feel about it? What were those feelings I was feeling?

and many more…all seeming to contradict each other… Continue reading Trying to Walk (part 6)

Great Expectations

My grandmother used to say, “expect not, and you will not be disappointed”! It’s funny because I at first I used to think that is sounds quite pessimistic, but have now come to realize that in many things it is a true statement. I have wasted many years in silent expectation. Wordlessly waiting for people to read my mind and fulfill my wishes and dreams!!! Upset when they don’t! Giving them the silent treatment and confusing them totally. Continue reading Great Expectations