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Highs and Lows

Do you have any memories of trying to walk up a slide? Many of us have done that as children, and depending on how slippery the slide is, and how grippy your shoes or feet are, is how fast you make it up. I remember sliding down as often as getting to the top.

Life seems to be that way quite often.

After the intense experiences of therapy and prayer I felt that I had gotten to the top of the slide. I could see far, the air was cleaner, and I had accomplished something that took many years of pain away. Everything felt so good. I loved everyone and wanted to share the joy with as many as would listen. I blogged about it, talked about it, and felt like I couldn’t contain myself.

Then I got tired. Bone weary! The enemy started to whisper in my ear again. I tried blocking it out, but it’s hard when one is so tired. Jesus kept telling me to rest, but I felt like I had just been reborn and I had long lists of things I needed to start and accomplish. I don’t have time to rest…life is just getting interesting!! But, why am I so tired? Continue reading Highs and Lows