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The Shriveled Soul

For the last few months I have been reading “Having a Mary Spirit” by Joanna Weaver. A fantastic book, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to really get to the root of what is happening inside their soul.

The last chapter I read talked about the root of bitterness and how it shrivels our soul. She quotes Paul Borthwick where he identifies the two types of people, “enlarged souls” who live a life with faith-filled optimism and “shriveled souls” who let themselves become embittered and withered by life’s hardships. I thought I would write down the nine suggestions for avoiding the “shriveled soul syndrome.” I could see myself in quite a few of these…and I would encourage you to start the process of opening up to what is holding you back in your walk with Jesus. Continue reading The Shriveled Soul

A New Beginning

Over the last few weeks I have been sharing my personal journey through therapy, mixed with tidbits from my past. It has been cathartic. Through it all I have heard from so many people, some who think that it was brave (and maybe a bit too much?) and from some who needed to hear someone else’s journey to get hope for their own. Either way, it was something I felt compelled to write. I had the blessing of my parents, and my immediate family…but I tried not to mention their part in this, and as much as I could, I kept them out of it.

And that is because this journey was between God and me. It was about finding Him again, or maybe even for the first time. He is the ultimate healer. He is the one who gave me hope and strength as I started to unravel. He was there all along, and I just needed to see that. Continue reading A New Beginning

Surrender=Healing (part 10)

One of the hardest things to do is to surrender. I have fought it all my life. I want things on my terms, with my conditions. I don’t know if all are the same, but many are. We can surrender certain things, at certain times…but letting it all go without any knowledge of where the journey takes you takes a huge leap of faith.

I was ready for that leap.

After being angry and confused most of my life, let’s try it God’s way for once.

This might sound weird to some of you, after all I was in full time mission work. It looked like my life was given in serving Jesus. But, deep down I knew that I hadn’t given it all. I still held on to childhood hurts, and bitterness. And I knew my faith didn’t quite reach all the way to believing with my “whole heart”.

I had an image to maintain….and had maintained that image to the best of my ability. The good christian. The one with answers. The one who knew God’s word. The one who was willing to live/serve anywhere that God asked to.

Continue reading Surrender=Healing (part 10)