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“Let me tell you something…”

There is no coincidence that the two middle letters in the word goSSip hiss when you say it. Talking and sharing is how women bond. Gossiping is considered normal and okay in our society…after all, that’s what sells magazines and reality television. But, how many of us have been hurt by it as well? And how much of it has been true in the first place? Or then has it been a betrayal by someone we trusted with our heart and secrets? Continue reading “Let me tell you something…”

Test = Testimony

For most of my adult life I have struggled with one major issue. (Disclaimer…there are many minor ones as well 🙂 ) I have yet to triumph over it. There are glimmers in the distance future…it will be something that I can turn into my testimony. This might sound a bit off to some, but I believe that God gives us something to work on in our lives…something that we can overcome and use for helping others. It can be in the areas of addiction, relationships, finance, and even sickness.

Continue reading Test = Testimony