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Blessing or Burden?

Our second oldest has now left the nest. I went through the gamut of emotion. I felt sadness, relief, excitement, old age…and worry. Have I raised him well enough? Will he be able to survive in this nasty world? Did I fill him with confidence and self-worth? Is he going to be someone who makes a difference for the kingdom of God? Did he see the faith in me…or was I a bad example? Will he make the same stupid mistakes I made? Deep down I know that he needs to make his own mistakes and choices, I just hope that he is equipped. Has my life filled him with a blessing or a burden?

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Mom & Pop

There was a quote that stayed with me recently. “The ceiling of one generation is the floor the next one can build on.” It might be slightly paraphrased…but you get the idea. So many of us look at the generation we are not in and think…”what do they know?” Either you are in a group that is “old fashioned” or then “new fangled”…there can be a large gap between the two. And so many times there is misunderstanding and general discard. We forget that each generation has been at the foreground of some great movement or innovation. Each generation has had music, fashion and technology that baffled their parents. But within a short period of time it is “normal”, “status quo”!!! How can we acknowledge the value of each side?

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