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The Chameleon

My entire life has been a search for identity, and a search for a personality that I am comfortable in. I know that this is a common quest for many, as each of us has their own journey…but for me, I don’t know if this search will come to a satisfactory conclusion.

There is a term used to describe people like me. A TCK…Third Culture Kid. These are a growing group of people who grow up outside of their own culture. They adapt to new environments, and new cultures quite easily. They make themselves at home, but aren’t quite sure what “home” actually means. Inclusive in this group are diplomats kids, missionary kids, immigrant kids…there are others as well, but you get the idea, they are kids that grow up in a different culture than what their roots are. Continue reading The Chameleon

Stretch Marks

There are days when I look at my stretch marks and wish them away. It would be nice to wear a cuter bathing suit, or a hipper pair of jeans. I know it’s all about vanity, but I am human, and a woman…can’t help those moments. But these marks are here to stay, and I just have to accept them. After all, they are a physical reminder of growth. A time when my life changed and I became a mother.

Many of us have gone through a rapid stage of growth and have stretch marks that show this rapid transformation. They are that eternal reminder of a time where we experienced discomfort and even pain.

A time where we changed forever. Continue reading Stretch Marks

Polka Dot Tote

This large tote is made with Marimekko fabric. Yes, I brought some with me! Couldn’t resist. This tote has the same cut dimensions as the other totes, 16″ x 18″ x 3″. The polka dot fabric is 100% cotton. Inside the lining is in a black cotton blend, with 2 large pockets and a key holder. Magnetic closure. Lots of room to take on an outing or an overnight. Made here in Africa.

Polka Dot tote 2