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There are so many days where I get confused. This last week the plans that I had changed, and seemed to come apart at the seams. There was a sense of peace the entire time, but no solution cropped up. What to do? I believe that everything turns out the way it’s supposed to, but when waiting on an answer…there is a doubt that builds up and trust is hard. It is especially hard when there is a long period of time waiting for an answer. We follow Christ and His commands with all of our heart. Doesn’t He want to reciprocate and make our lives a little easier? Continue reading Trust


All around us right now there is a monster storm. It probably sounds worse than it is…after all, we have a tin roof with no ceiling and screens for windows! It is fantastic to listen to. Can’t talk to anyone, just have to absorb the noise. I don’t do well with storms. I have an unreasonable fear that something bad will happen. I grind my teeth and pray that it will end. Oh, me…of little faith!!! Didn’t Jesus sleep through the big storm? Matthew 8:23-27. Doesn’t He calm the storm? Yes, and He can do the same in other storms as well. Even now…He is in control. I am safe.

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Divine Nobodies

This title is from one of my favorite books. I have read it a few times, and I would recommend it to anyone. It’s written by Jim Palmer, a pastor who goes through a crisis and embarks on a journey. Through the book he writes about the people he meets along the road…people who make him believe in Jesus again. The beautiful thing is that these people are not other preachers or Christians…they are just ordinary people living with faith, and in the most ordinary of settings. What grabs me when I read this is…how do we live our regular lives in a way that reflects the love of Jesus? Continue reading Divine Nobodies

It’s Mine!!

So many times I catch myself wishing I was three years old and able to get away with that three year old behavior!!! I want to say “it’s mine” or “give it to me”…and snatch something from someone. Or just even say “I don’t like you”…and almost get away with it. Haha! Growing up is so hard. Maybe I can look forward to saying these things again when I’m over ninety??? How can we deal with this constant fight with selfishness? Is there actually a method? Is there a formula? I think I’m still looking for the easy way.

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The Dark Side

I have a dark side…one I battle with frequently. (For those of you that know me…it’s not my humor!! Even though that can be pretty dark too!!). Depression hits me quite often. Through self analysis and calendar tracking I can tell it’s not always hormonal either. It can occur on the sunniest of days for no apparent reason. I can look at the pictures people post online and sink into a hole that lasts days at a time. The thoughts that I fight can be scary. Not too many years ago they even sunk to the suicidal. Not seriously enough that I would have done damage…but the ideas were entertained. Continue reading The Dark Side

Crisis of faith

Not so many years ago I had a crisis of faith. I stopped believing in God and all I had ever believed in. It almost felt like a relief. No more pressure to be good and strive for eternal life. I had spent my life watching my parents devoting themselves to ministry and it looked like it was just too much work. God had such high expectations, and I was tired. An apathy set in and I stopped caring. Who cares if I go to heaven if I don’t believe it exists anyways? Continue reading Crisis of faith