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20 Questions

This last week we have done some extra driving…and the car game is 20 Questions. One person comes up with an idea, a person, place or thing, and the others have 20 questions to ask and to guess what it is. It can be a lot of fun. Sometimes it takes 40 questions, but it still occupies the time well.

One thing I realize as I play this game is that I am not talented, at all, in the art of asking questions. After the few that I can come up with, the same ones every time, I am stumped. It would so nice to come up with witty questions and blow everyone away with my brilliance. Alas, not so. Continue reading 20 Questions


These last posts may have seemed a bit heavy. As I confess all my deep dark secrets the readership stops altogether! Hahaa!! I understand. I don’t know if I would want to read it either. The only reason I started this blog is because I had a few friends that encouraged it. It is good to create dialogue and maybe even get someone thinking about their own circumstances. In these 45 years I have had many a shallow conversation with people that I know have a lot more to say…why don’t we say it? Why do we become uncomfortable when the conversation touches on feelings and thoughts? Is it more important to discuss the latest celebrity gossip or what’s in fashion? There are times for these conversations as well…don’t get me wrong, I actually enjoy them…but, when there is nothing else…?? Continue reading Conversation