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“Just Sayin'”

This last week I had the privilege of being part of a mini mission conference, learning with and from my colleagues. A real blessing and encouragement. During one of the breakout sessions we were discussing communication and honesty, and how difficult it can be. One of the missionaries was giving us an example of how some people can be. They pride themselves of being honest, and go even to the point of saying, “I say it like I see it.”

When we say it like we see it, we can also be quite off. What happens if we see everything from a negative viewpoint? Then everything we say comes out with that negative slant. It might sometimes be the truth, even can be most of the time…but does that mean it is really the right thing to say? What happens to the one listening to this “honesty”? Does it bring them down? Does it cause them to start seeing things from the negative point of view? What happens to their perception of us in the long run? Do they avoid us? Do they think of us as a negative person, even a negative influence? Continue reading “Just Sayin’”

Listen Up!

Have you noticed that we spend so much time thinking of ourselves, that we hardly hear a word that anyone else is saying? As a society we are so inwardly focused that life speeds by with out noticing what is happening in other lives. I think it telling when I read the comments under status reports on Facebook. Sometimes half of the comments have nothing to do with what is being talked about, it’s about the writer them self. Instead of sending words or support, they write about their own problems and triumphs. Why? Can’t they see that it isn’t about them? Continue reading Listen Up!

Body Language

Love, excitement,fear, disgust, disinterest…It’s amazing how much information one can glean from body language. We communicate non-verbally all the time. I have been told that I am the master at showing my thoughts with my face and body. And not in a positive way. I show boredom and disgust frequently; when I should control my face…it gives me away and hurts feelings. I have yet to master this bad habit. It takes constant awareness and self control. Something I am still learning. Continue reading Body Language

Language of Love…

Books and I go back almost 40 years. It has, and continues to be a fantastic relationship. However…there are only a few that have stuck with me through the years. One of them comes to mind when I thought about this blog. It’s the book, “5 Love Languages” , by Gary Chapman. I’m sure most of you have read it, or at least have seen it lying around. It has been a best seller for many years. For some it’s “pop psychology” and the premise is quite simplistic. But it has made sense to the many that have read it and embraced its message. You might be able to guess what the book is about? we all have a language that we use when it comes to love. Continue reading Language of Love…


I lay in bed thinking about life and the people we meet. A little time of self expression as well. How do I come across? Am I friendly, approachable? I have recently met some people who spend most of the conversation we are having not giving me any eye contact and I don’t think they are actually listening to a single word I say. After thinking about how I am around people, I realized that I am the same. How annoying! I barely listen and eye contact is difficult. I spend a lot of time daydreaming instead and watching their expressions as they speak. Is there a way to change this? Continue reading Listening!