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The Measure of Life

Right now we have 2 boys trying to decide what it is that they want to study. Life choices. Large ones, in some ways. These adult choices are the ones that will define the years of their adult life.

Or do they really?

As a 17 year old, there were very few classes in high school that interested me. I enjoyed studying design and law…two opposite subjects. There wasn’t much else. In fact, I took one of my last semesters off to go to Finland and study the bible for 13 weeks. Being in high school was a waste of my time, so I thought. Better to be there as little as possible. Continue reading The Measure of Life

Her Name is Wisdom

Wisdom is underrated. We need it to navigate life’s path, and the choices we make can be enhanced when made with even an ounce of it. This last week, I have not been using my wisdom very well. I have let emotion get in the way of choices that I have made, and now need an extra input of wisdom to clear things up. I have been asking/begging God to help me with this…and not to let emotion and “hormones” take over! It’s time to ask for advice…and get on my knees! 🙂 It’s not too late yet. Continue reading Her Name is Wisdom

Grown Up?

What, in your opinion, defines “grown up”? I think about this quite a bit, as there are many days when I don’t know if I have even grown up yet! Does it mean that we have evolved past high school issues, or is that even possible? So many times I find myself overwhelmed with grown up decisions that I need to make. I also have to live with the grown up choices that I made when I was really young. Dealing with the consequences of these choices is what I think being a grown up is. Seeing them, and the choices we have to make, define us…and make us grow as human beings. Continue reading Grown Up?

Toxic Choices

There are times when we can really see the consequences of the decisions we made when we were younger. For example…the career we have, the spouse beside us, and where we live. Often times those decisions were good. We would still choose the same career, the same spouse, and maybe even the same home. But, what do we do with the ones we regret and can’t seem to shake? I can imagine there are a few choices made that we will regret forever. I know I have them. Most of the time I don’t remember them, but then something happens to remind me. Then it bothers me again. Continue reading Toxic Choices

Mom & Pop

There was a quote that stayed with me recently. “The ceiling of one generation is the floor the next one can build on.” It might be slightly paraphrased…but you get the idea. So many of us look at the generation we are not in and think…”what do they know?” Either you are in a group that is “old fashioned” or then “new fangled”…there can be a large gap between the two. And so many times there is misunderstanding and general discard. We forget that each generation has been at the foreground of some great movement or innovation. Each generation has had music, fashion and technology that baffled their parents. But within a short period of time it is “normal”, “status quo”!!! How can we acknowledge the value of each side?

Continue reading Mom & Pop