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Deep Roots…

Imagine a tree, deep roots, large thick trunk, and branches growing in many different directions. It has large leaves, and abundant shade. At some point in history that tree was only a seed. That seed got watered, adequate sunlight, and plenty of room to grow. And over the years it grew, thickened, and started to spread. Some of it’s roots started to seep into the underground sewage systems of the houses it grew beside. Basements started flooding, untold damage done to the foundations, and financial burdens start to add up. What looked like an innocent tree has turned into something damaging. The tree has to now come down. Trimming the branches won’t make any difference anymore.

In our society today we have many of these systemic trees growing. They look harmless on the outside. We try to prune the branches, and even try to cut some branches off, but they grow back in another spot. Continue reading Deep Roots…

Conscious Living

I was watching my husband do something silly the other day…this occurs a lot in our home (yes)…and asked him a question, “Do you ever experience self-awareness, and stop to contemplate what it is you’re really doing?” We laughed about it, chatted for a few more minutes, and then proceeded to go on our separate way. But something clicked inside my head as I was walking away. How often do we really stop and consciously think about what it is we are doing, or saying?

Do we live a life of routine? Habit?

How many days do we just use up doing the same things over and over? The days just slipping by… Continue reading Conscious Living

Screwtape Letters

I don’t know if you have read the “Screwtape Letters” by C.S. Lewis. It is a compilation of letters sent from a senior devil to his nephew, a junior one. The junior devil is in charge of a new christian, and he needs help trying to keep this man from really being an effective one.

There are a few things that have hit me so far. We always focus on the “big sins”, and forget that the biggest issue out there is that slippery slope of small offenses, that take us further away from God each time we commit one. Apathy is a strong tool in the kingdom of evil. There is nothing better than an apathetic christian, one who isn’t effective in his faith, and doesn’t make any difference in the Kingdom of God. If anything, they are a negative witness because there is an absense of passion. No one is attracted to apathy. Continue reading Screwtape Letters

“Too Late”

Do the words, “too late” cross your lips sometimes? You hear of someone doing something exciting…like going back to school, traveling somewhere interesting, or maybe even going on a short term volunteer trip? And you say to yourself, “too late for me”! It’s not too late. I have realized that many people around us are constantly doing new and exciting things. I was 45 when I changed direction in my life and moved to Africa. This was a lifelong dream, one that I never saw coming to fruition. But it did, and I look forward to many new experiences in the years to come. Continue reading “Too Late”


When “we are constantly doing the same thing and expecting different results”…that is the definition of stupid…and that defines many of us . We behave the same way in our relationships, work, finances…we don’t change anything…and we wonder why nothing changes?? We think that awareness itself will make the difference, because we are aware of our behavior and thought patterns, but really that is only the first, and easiest, step. Continue reading Ruts