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I’d like to continue a little on the burnout theme…and meld it with another one of my pet subjects, comparisons. One of the most exhausting things I see is how we compare ourselves to others. We look to see what others are wearing, buying, saying, reading, and where they are going…in work or in travel. We then look inwards and feel inadequate.

In these last few months, one of the most tiring things I felt was the re-immersion into the “rat race”. For a little while the soul was able to rest. I thoroughly enjoyed browsing in the stores and reading magazines again. But little by little I started noticing that I was feeling a bit of discontent. Why? Don’t I have everything I need and want? Oh, maybe I don’t. It would be nice if I could look like that person…why do I have such problem skin? Why don’t I love to work out and flaunt my perkiness in the latest craze, workout gear? Can’t I just wear the stuff and pretend I work out? It seems to be the trend of the moment. And why can’t I sound like that intellectual I so admire? Why doesn’t my home look like the one I visited yesterday? Not only does this constant comparing to others cause emotional burnout, it also takes us from what really matters. Continue reading Comparison


This word is used a lot…our society seems to admire people that burn themselves out with work and responsibility. Well, these last few months I think that I burned myself out. I trusted myself more than God. I worked 10-12 hours a day trying to get further. Traveling to different towns to meet people and raise awareness and support was a fantastic experience…but it wiped me out in the end. I came home from the last fundraising trip and got sick. Couldn’t function, couldn’t connect to God, and couldn’t come up with a coherent sentence. (hence…no blogs for many weeks) Continue reading Burnout!