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“Bling Bling” from Jesus

“You are a magpie,” my cousin said one day, as we were walking through the downtown flea markets in Helsinki. “They gravitate to sparkly things, and so do you.”

What can I say, it’s true. If it sparkles, I am mesmerized. I even became a rep for a sterling silver company just so I could get bling for a good price, and drool over catalogues. I tried to get my hands on as many pieces as I could, but the pricier ones still were unattainable. Oh well, maybe someday.

As we were getting ready to move to Tanzania I felt that I needed to sell all of my silver jewelry. I knew that it would sell well, and the money that it brought would cover the cost of a plane ticket or two. It wasn’t a sacrifice, after all this was a new adventure, following our call was exciting. Plus, having bling in Africa would just make me a target of thieves.

So, it all went, with maybe a few pieces remaining. It was all good. It was just frivolous jewelry, right? Continue reading “Bling Bling” from Jesus


I must confess…I LOVE BLING!!! Jewelry, bags, shoes, makeup…you name it, I’m drawn to it. These last few days of going through airports, I am like a moth to the duty free stores. Everything is so shiny and pretty. I don’t need anything, but I want it! It would make me so happy to buy something shiny!

It occurred to me that we often want what we can’t have. The world is full of bling. The stores need to convince us that we need it, otherwise they can’t make money. It’s a vicious cycle. I see people constantly buying new things. Closets are bursting with clothes that still have tags on them. We want to feel bright and pretty. We get envious of those that have things we can’t afford. We are like lemmings running toward the edge of a cliff, having no idea what lies ahead. Buying and coveting…

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