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Last Week’s Blessing

I spent a lot of time wandering around my house yesterday. At home, alone, and restless. Watching Netflix seemed like a good option. Why do housework, as it never ends, and I don’t enjoy it anyways. Thoughts were disjointed…and I could feel myself sinking into a funk. Maybe a nap would help? No…

What was different about yesterday if I compare it to last week? On the surface, nothing is really different. Life is good. The future seems bright enough. I have faith…and it seems intact. Then why are my thoughts so far removed from Jesus? Continue reading Last Week’s Blessing


There is a funny quote about family…”Family is like fudge, mostly sweet mixed with a few nuts!” You have to admit it’s true, every family has its nuts and its skeletons. The fascinating thing is that they are in every family…and most don’t like to admit it. Maybe there is a fear that the family secrets will make others gossip, or then bring shame to us. No, we don’t like to live in the shadows of embarrassment. But, what if this “nutty” behavior is actually a generational issue…and has been passed down through the family gene pool? Continue reading Generations….

Blessing or Burden?

Our second oldest has now left the nest. I went through the gamut of emotion. I felt sadness, relief, excitement, old age…and worry. Have I raised him well enough? Will he be able to survive in this nasty world? Did I fill him with confidence and self-worth? Is he going to be someone who makes a difference for the kingdom of God? Did he see the faith in me…or was I a bad example? Will he make the same stupid mistakes I made? Deep down I know that he needs to make his own mistakes and choices, I just hope that he is equipped. Has my life filled him with a blessing or a burden?

Continue reading Blessing or Burden?