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The Big Picture

I love to plan. It makes the days seem a little easier and the future a bit brighter. Or maybe I should say that I love to dream instead, after all, I have noticed that my plans don’t usually work out very well. But I have seen dreams come true.

There is a saying out there…”people plan, and God laughs.” I think that it more apt to say that, “people plan, and God sighs.” He must just shake His head and wonder why we keep planning and messing things up…we can’t see the BIG PICTURE! He can see our beginning and end, and everything in between. He knows where we are meant to go, but we keep wandering off the path and trying things out on our own. Then when finally we mess it up, we come running back to Him, crying and asking Him WHY???

Why did He let this or that happen? Continue reading The Big Picture

The Big Picture

I don’t know how many of you have read, or seen, “The Pillars of the Earth”. It is quite a popular book, written by Ken Follett. It sat on my bookshelf for years, and for some reason I didn’t read it…so I watched the TV movie instead. Not my usual behavior…I tend to be the kind of person who prefers the book…oh well, I succumbed.

The idea of this blog is the “big picture”…and it ties, somehow, the book and the message I heard spoken at our Missionary Fellowship today. The central theme of both was about a cathedral…and the people involved in the process. Continue reading The Big Picture