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How do we see ourselves? What do we tell ourselves? Are you the artist, the jock, the pretty one, the funny one…maybe even the invisible one?? So much of our behavior is tied into how we see ourselves and how we think others perceive us. Quite often this identity is formed very young. It can have influence from our place in our families, what we experienced as a child, or even from some sort of traumatic life event. We use this identity as a coping mechanism. Humor is used often as a wall to hide behind. I use humor a lot myself. Sarcasm especially.

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It’s Mine!!

So many times I catch myself wishing I was three years old and able to get away with that three year old behavior!!! I want to say “it’s mine” or “give it to me”…and snatch something from someone. Or just even say “I don’t like you”…and almost get away with it. Haha! Growing up is so hard. Maybe I can look forward to saying these things again when I’m over ninety??? How can we deal with this constant fight with selfishness? Is there actually a method? Is there a formula? I think I’m still looking for the easy way.

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