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Deep Roots…

Imagine a tree, deep roots, large thick trunk, and branches growing in many different directions. It has large leaves, and abundant shade. At some point in history that tree was only a seed. That seed got watered, adequate sunlight, and plenty of room to grow. And over the years it grew, thickened, and started to spread. Some of it’s roots started to seep into the underground sewage systems of the houses it grew beside. Basements started flooding, untold damage done to the foundations, and financial burdens start to add up. What looked like an innocent tree has turned into something damaging. The tree has to now come down. Trimming the branches won’t make any difference anymore.

In our society today we have many of these systemic trees growing. They look harmless on the outside. We try to prune the branches, and even try to cut some branches off, but they grow back in another spot. Continue reading Deep Roots…

A Better Place (Part 2)

Did you think about it? Is it possible to make the world a better place? Is it worth trying to live a life that is fully invested in the happiness of others? What’s in it for us? And should it matter?

It should matter. It affects all of us, and all of our surroundings. It infuses light and life into the people that we are invested in. And through them it spreads further. There is a ripple effect in what we do. A kind word to someone who is having a rough day could change their lives…and it takes little effort from us. Continue reading A Better Place (Part 2)

A Better Place (Part 1)

Do you ever have a visitor, that when they leave, you wish that they had stayed a little longer, and you still had a smile on your face when they waved goodbye? They left your home and heart a better place? You were encouraged and grateful that they had come by, and that they were able to spend some time in your home?

Is that how you leave a place? Are there smiles on the faces of the hosts, and not just because you are finally leaving…but genuine smiles of joy, and wishes for your return? Continue reading A Better Place (Part 1)

The Ties That Bind…

When I was about 7 years old, I remember asking for a big brother. As an only child, there were days when I felt a bit lonely…but most of all, I thought a big brother would be really nice. Some of my friends had one, and there was something about the security that came with it that I craved. Someone to look up to, but also someone who would take care of me. Well, my parents weren’t able to accommodate me, life as a child can be so disappointing at times. 🙂

Throughout the years it has been fascinating observing family dynamics. I spent a lot of time, and still do, watching how families interact. There are many instances that I don’t understand, but beneath it all, I can see how unique these relationships are. There is a lot of loyalty, but deep down, often there is also envy and a strong sense of competition. It doesn’t seem to matter what age the family members are, the emotions are the same, but the behavior masking the emotions comes out differently. Continue reading The Ties That Bind…


Why do we keep repeating behavior that doesn’t work? The definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. (I didn’t make that up) Many of us are caught in this pattern of behavior. We wonder why nothing changes? Our relationships always go the same way. Ending in confusion. Life at work never changes, no matter how hard we try. Our relationship to God is stagnant, boring.

Continue reading Repetition

Great Expectations

My grandmother used to say, “expect not, and you will not be disappointed”! It’s funny because I at first I used to think that is sounds quite pessimistic, but have now come to realize that in many things it is a true statement. I have wasted many years in silent expectation. Wordlessly waiting for people to read my mind and fulfill my wishes and dreams!!! Upset when they don’t! Giving them the silent treatment and confusing them totally. Continue reading Great Expectations